sysigia mayhem

Mayhem – coming soon. I’m putting together an album of songs I created as a teenager, over 15 years ago. During that time I had some rudimentary equipment and a basic Magix editing program that I’d found used at a Half Price bookstore.

My life was mayhem at that time, and the songs I was creating reflect that. Bizarre, angry, melancholy, experimental. I was learning things. I was trying to get something out of me.

At the time I didn’t think my songs were very good, and I didn’t share them with many people. Looking back now though, I’m surprised at what I was able to create with so little and in the midst of such turmoil.

The production isn’t the highest quality, but I’m proud of the weird sounds I put together back then and I can’t wait to expose them to the light of these new and equally maddening times.