The Space

Sysigia Studios does not yet occupy a physical space, beyond my humble abode. In the future though, I’d love to have one or a few public locations where I can provide a space for others to create together and with me. It would be awesome to be able to revamp an old building somewhere here in the Pittsburgh area, or in other cities.

I envision not just having a space for recording music but for creating art and merch of all kinds. Maybe a venue for playing live music. Perhaps a cafe type setting where I could provide free coffee, tea, and snacks and create a place for conversation.

I’d love to be able to provide free or low cost access to equipment for those who want to create and work with other creative people.

I’m very much inspired by the example of Jack White and his Third Man Records company. I started listening to The White Stripes in middle school, and since then Jack has built up a really cool and multifacted outlet for not just himself but others to produce music and be creative.

It will probably take me awhile to reach this goal, but anything you’d like to contribute to support it would be awesome – whether that’s just liking and sharing my work, supporting Sysigia Studios through Patreon or Substack, or buying something from the merch store.